5 Healthy Late Night Vegan Snack Ideas

When you are following a healthy diet plan in order to lose weight, it is important to eat only healthy snacks to fight hunger pangs at night. Binging on unhealthy night time snacks can severely jeopardize your earnest weight loss efforts. Staying up for long hours at night is not something unusual; you may have to finish some pending work at office or you may find it hard to sleep before you finish the book you are currently reading. However, when you are staying up late, you are also likely to experience hunger cravings.

Food cravings post-dinner may be because of many reasons like dehydration, boredom, low sugar or salt levels, lack of proteins etc. To satisfy your cravings at such a time, you must eat healthy snacks and stay as far away from junk foods as possible. When you eat healthy night time snacks, you are easily satisfied and your diet does not suffer a setback. If you are a vegan, you have umpteen green choices that can keep you healthy and satiated

Healthy vegan snack ideas to satiate your late night cravings

Late night snacks do not necessarily have to be high in calories and fattening. You can try the following guilt-free bites for satisfying your late night food cravings:

1. Frozen and fresh fruits are ideal for taking care of your late night food cravings. For instance an apple can satisfy you because it is rich in fibers and has only 130 calories, a banana too is fiber rich and has 110 calories. You can also choose from other fruits like peaches, kiwis, berries and oranges. It is best to eat them in a frozen state; for example adding a scoop of protein powder (whey or soy) with vanilla flavor to a cup of soy milk and blended with frozen banana slices can make for a great night time treat.

2. You can dip vegetables in vegan yoghurts to enjoy a snack rich in proteins and fibers. For instance, you can use veggies like cauliflower, asparagus, bell pepper, broccoli, snap peas as healthy night time snacks. Baby carrots can make a great snack when blended with non-fat vegan yogurt with salt, pepper and garlic added for flavor

3. For those who follow a vegetarian diet, oatmeal can be a rather popular late night snack when you want to eat something light that will not disturb your sleep. This healthy vegetarian meal contains melatonin which improves sleep efficiency. You can have oatmeal with bananas and cherries to relax your body and keep yourself satisfied.

4. You could also opt for tahini which is sesame seed butter that has been grounded and used for preparing hummus. This delicious spread can be used over a slice of vegan bread as a bed-time snack. Sesame seeds are also rich in tryptophan and this amino acid helps you sleep better.

5. Whole grains such as oats are rich in fibers and proteins but low in calories. They are also available in granola bars; it is advisable to eat organic bars which have dried fruits and nuts and do not contain preservatives. Rye is also a great source for fiber and you can eat it with peanut butter which is a healthy fat to stay full throughout the night.

These are some light low calorie snack ideas when you experience hunger pangs late at night. You can store these in advance in a special corner of your refrigerator to ensure you eat healthy foods even when you do not have time to cook up a healthy meal in the middle of the night.

Even reputable diet services like Nutrisystem include healthy delicious snacks as part of their diet menu so that dieters do not get bored with dieting. They also have specially designed diet plans for vegans. Some of their dieters’ favorite snacks include lemon herb crisps, oatmeal raisin cookie, coconut almond bar, pretzels, zesty herb snack mix, popcorn and so on. These snacks can be had during anytime of the day.

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